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13 January 2013 @ 06:50 pm
Fic: Reflection  
Title: Reflection
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1,000
Warnings: voyeurism
Summary: Kurt gives his neighbor, Blaine, a little show.
Note: Unbetaed. Written for this anon prompt on Tumblr: Kurt and Blaine’s house are right next to each other - their windows are parallel. One day Kurt accidentally leaves his curtains cracked and he begins touching himself. Blaine watches and get’s hard so he decides to masturbate to the sight. Halfway through Kurt realizes he’s being watched and puts on a little ‘show’ for Blaine. Afterwards, Kurt texts Blaine and tells him he knows or something. :)


Kurt didn’t like masturbating with the lights off. Having the overhead on made it too bright, but the lamp on his nightstand gave him just enough light to see what he was doing. He hadn’t always needed the light, but after one terrible incident in which he had accidentally used sunscreen as lube because he grabbed the wrong bottle in the dark, he wasn’t willing to take the risk anymore. He had no desire to feel that burning sensation again, nor did he care for his excrement to smell like the beach ever, ever again.

He settled down on his bed, double checking that the bottle next to him on the nightstand was in fact lube, just in case. He had already taken off his clothes from the day, including his boxer briefs, and the summer night was warm enough with his window open that he lay comfortably on top of his sheets. His father and Carole were long asleep, and Finn was at some guys’ night at Puck’s house, so he wasn’t concerned about someone walking in on him.

Closing his eyes, he conjured up his usual masturbatory fodder – muscles, muscles, and more muscles. Images of nameless, faceless men floated through his mind, his attention focusing on their arms, their stomachs, or sometimes, even their asses. He played gently with himself as he became more and more turned on, stroking slowly down and back up, his other hand reaching down to roll one of his balls between his fingers.

Soon, he was hard enough that he sped up his ministrations, focusing more on the tip and capturing his lower lip between his teeth to remind himself to keep quiet. He continued stroking, imagining that one of those strong hands was the one wrapped around him, instead of his own. He felt himself getting close, and to extend the pleasure, he slowed down, moaning at the pressure.

Except no, that couldn’t be. He never moaned that loudly, even when he was home alone. He was too worried about getting caught to do that.

He slowed down even more and opened his eyes. Blinking into the light, he looked around, not seeing anyone until – there, in the mirror. He shut his eyes again quickly, the image of the cute neighbor boy, Blaine, already burned into his mind. Blaine’s bedroom was right across from Kurt’s, and they were able to see each other if they kept their curtains open.

He’d never seen Blaine in his mirror before, though.

He’d definitely never seen him with that look in his eyes before. His pupils were gigantic, and Kurt was certain that his arm had been moving up and down and up again.

Maybe it was just because he was hard and beyond turned on, but Kurt found the idea of Blaine jerking off to him jerking off incredibly hot. Making the decision without giving it a second thought, he turned on his side so that his ass was easily visible to Blaine, slicked his fingers with lube as quickly as he could, and began to tease his entrance.

Now that he knew he had an audience, his ears easily picked up the gasp from the house next door that accompanied his finger’s first dip inside himself. He smiled, both at Blaine’s reaction and at the pressure his finger was creating. Grabbing himself in his other hand, he began to stroke again even as he started to work his finger in and out of himself.

He felt out of breath by the time he was comfortable with that one finger, but he quickly slipped in a second, slowing down to give himself time to adjust. He bit his lip harder to prevent himself from letting any sound slip out, which was necessary when he crooked his fingers and pressed against his prostate. It was almost enough to make him come, but he loosened his grip on himself to focus more on his fingers in his ass.

Pushing against his prostate each time he fucked his fingers in, Kurt’s mind turned back to the thought of Blaine watching him. He could hear heavy breathing that didn’t belong to himself filtering in through the window, and there was no doubt in his mind that Blaine was enjoying himself just as much as he was. Kurt pushed back against his fingers and heard a long groan a second later.

The thought of Blaine coming while he was watching Kurt was enough to send him over the edge. He pumped himself through his climax, then slid his fingers out and rolled back over onto his back, pulling a tissue from the box on his nightstand to clean himself up. He cracked his eyes open, immediately searching out the face in the mirror, but Blaine turned away, chest heaving, a moment later.

Kurt felt strangely disappointed, but he forced himself up, limbs uncooperative, and into his bathroom to at least wash his hands off. Climbing back onto his bed once he was clean, he scooped up his phone and opened up his text conversation with Blaine. A smile flickered across his face at the most recent message (Blaine asking if he wanted to come over to read the latest issue of Vogue together), and before he could talk sense into himself, he typed out a quick message.

Enjoy yourself? ;)

He heard the little ding of Blaine’s cell phone receiving the text a few seconds later, and his own dinged just after that.

Kurt, I am so sorry. I don’t know what came over me and please believe me, I am so, so sorry.

Rolling his eyes at Blaine’s apology – which would have been necessary had Kurt not found the whole idea so damned enticing – and tapped out his reply.

It’s okay, really, Blaine. Just… let’s try to be in the same room next time?

The long, low groan full of want that followed the sound of Blaine’s phone receiving the text was all the response Kurt needed.