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23 September 2012 @ 09:41 pm
Fic: Just Drive  
Title: Just Drive
Author: crystalchances
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1400
Pairing: Mike/Sam
Summary: Mike and Sam find themselves bored one night and decide to have a little fun.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Note: A very close to belated birthday fic for my wonderful friend Conor! Happy twentieth, love!


“I don’t want to go home yet,” Mike said as he turned onto Sam’s street. It was about eleven thirty on a Friday night, and they had just left Puck’s place after more than ten hours of video gaming. Usually Finn would have driven Sam home with himself, or Kurt would have done so on the rare occasion he accepted an invitation to one of their guy days, but Finn was off at boot camp already and Kurt hadn’t joined them.

He noticed Sam give him a shrug out of his peripheral vision. “I don’t have to be home at any particular time.”

“What do you wanna do?” Mike asked, passing Sam’s house on the right and continuing to drive.

“I dunno, man,” Sam said. “Just drive around a bit and we’ll figure something out?”



Half an hour later, Mike was driving along one of the more deserted country roads along the outskirts of Lima. They had ruled out a movie (too late), bowling (too boring), a restaurant (too expensive since they had had pizza an hour before leaving Puck’s), and both of their houses (too many parents trying to sleep).

They ended up doing the only thing they could think of: singing along to the radio. First it was Call Me Maybe, then Sexy and I Know It, and then finally Blow Me. As that song got to the chorus the second time, Mike felt something pressing cautiously against his crotch. He glanced down and found Sam’s hand in his lap.

“Um,” Mike started, returning his eyes to the road in front of him. “Sam?”

“Hm?” came the response, along with a bit more pressure against his groin.

“What are you doing?” It wasn’t like Mike hadn’t fooled around with Sam before—they most definitely had, and it had always been mind-blowing—but they were in a car. He was driving.

And he could feel himself already starting to get hard from Sam’s touch.

Sam continued rubbing his hand against Mike through his pants. “Well, we couldn’t think of anything to do…”

Mike looked around; they weren’t around any houses, and he hadn’t seen anyone else driving in either direction for about five minutes. He flicked his right turn signal on and began to brake as he pulled onto the shoulder.

Sam lifted his hand up. “No, keep driving,” he urged.

Mike immediately missed the contact. He chanced a glance over at Sam, who started to pull his hand back toward himself, away from Mike’s pants, and that was enough for Mike to flip his turn signal to the left and pull back onto the road.

Sam grinned mischievously and brought his hand back to touch Mike again, this time reaching up to tug lightly on the denim surrounding the button of his jeans. “Okay?” he asked.

Nodding as he sucked in a breath, Mike purposely did not look down and kept his eyes focused on the road. He knew what Sam was capable of, and he knew he would need to keep his wits about him if he were going to continue driving without killing them.

He could feel the skin of Sam’s arm against his stomach as his friend slowly popped the button out from its hole and then moved to tug the zipper down. He let his left leg fall open, and Sam slid his hand in between his jeans and his boxers, cupping him as he started to get hard under the attention.

Then Sam reached in and pulled his cock out through the slit in his boxers, and the skin-on-skin contact caused Mike to tighten his grip on the steering wheel. “Fuck, Sam,” he said, voice slightly gravelly through his gritted teeth.

Sam laughed and adjusted his grip on Mike’s cock, pulling and twisting and teasing him to full hardness quickly. Just when he thought he couldn’t take any more, that he was going to come embarrassingly quickly, he lost contact with Sam’s hand and let out a frustrated groan. “What?” he managed to ask after a second or two. “Sam?”

“Just hold on,” he said, and Mike could hear the smile in his voice just before he heard a familiar click-and-swoosh. He chanced another look away from the road, and Sam was twisting in his seat, his seat belt hanging unbuckled against the frame of the car. “Don’t forget to pay attention to the road, now,” he cautioned.

Mike choked out a laugh. “I’ll try not to,” he promised, though he wasn’t really certain it was a promise he could keep if Sam did what Mike thought he was going to do.

“Good.” Sam nodded and then leaned forward, gripping the base of Mike’s cock with one hand while maneuvering himself lower until his head was between Mike’s stomach and the steering wheel. Sam’s breath tickled over the head of his cock, and it felt like an eternity of waiting before he finally opened his mouth and sunk down, only the tip of Mike’s cock getting pulled between his friend’s surprisingly soft lips.

He groaned and let his head fall back. Sam’s mouth was so hot and soft and—oh—the way he was licking so lightly that promised so much more… it all felt so incredible. He let himself get lost in the sensation for a moment before realizing exactly where they were. Opening his eyes, he looked at the road and saw the double yellow line passing by quickly on his right hand side. “Shit!” he exclaimed, tugging the steering wheel to the right to get them back into their own lane.

Sam chuckled from his position down below, but he didn’t make any moves to stop what he was doing. In fact, he increased his efforts, sliding his mouth further down on Mike’s cock and licking teasing lines up the underside while he moved his hand up and down along the base where his mouth didn’t reach.

Mike groaned, pulling his foot off of the gas pedal to let the car coast as he gave a little bit more of his attention over to Sam. It was so difficult to split his focus between the road and the steering wheel and the pedals and oh god what Sam was doing to him; he wanted to pull over but Sam wanted to kill him so he figured he might as well enjoy this as much as he can.

A hand wandered down to play with his balls, pulling on them slightly before letting them return to his body, and Mike knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. Sam moaned around him, and the vibrations went straight down to his balls.

“Sam, I—“

The other boy pulled back for a moment, just long enough to say, “Not yet,” before sinking back down.

Sam,” he cried out again, trying to hold off as his friend had requested. Blinking, he focused his eyes on the road as they curved around a bend, and he realized he needed to press down on the gas again to keep them moving forward. “Please,” he asked, “I can’t—“

Sam dropped his head down further than he had been before, humming deep in his throat. That was what did it; Mike felt his body release in a wave of pleasure, and he threw his head back as he slammed on the brakes.

Panting, he slowly came back to himself as Sam pulled away looking like the cat that caught the canary. “How was that for something to do?” he asked, his voice rough as he leaned back in his seat and rebuckled his seatbelt.

Mike opened his eyes and laughed nervously. “You’re cocky, you know that?”

“Well, was it a good idea or not?”

“It was a great idea and you know it,” Mike replied with a roll of his eyes as he slowly eased onto the gas again. He thanked his lucky stars that the road was still as deserted as it had been before Sam decided to have some fun. He glanced over at his friend as the car accelerated and he made a turn that would start heading them back towards Lima proper. “What about you? I definitely can’t reciprocate while I’m driving.”

Sam waved him off. “You just owe me two next time,” he said with a wink.